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Online Marine Marine Medical Services

PharmaSea’s online program has the following features:

  • Online medical inventory management system
  • Expiry date tracking
  • Online database of relevant drug information, photographs and marine medical scales including WHO, UK and Australia
  • Online ordering from extensive product database
  • Integration with accredited pharmacies

Seafaring vessels utilising PharmaSea’s online inventory management and drug information program are able to choose the marine medical scale to which the vessel is required to conform. The inventory list may be modified to suit the vessel’s particular requirements. Inventory checks can be generated and a request for quotation emailed to one of our accredited pharmacies.

Products are supplied with clear, easy-to-understand instructions and include information about what medications are used for and any precautions that ought to be considered prior to administering on-board your vessel.

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  • Access to a limited section of the PharmaSea product database
  • Ability to assemble a ship’s inventory list
  • Examples of medical items linked to product monographs with drug information and photographs

Confirmation of orders and quotations will be emailed to the provided email address for demonstration purposes only.

Orders will only be filled once registrants satisfy our authentication protocols.

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